Liquid Poetry

Through the creative exploration of how to bring emotion, and expressions even closer to people, Janique came across a new artistic medium. At some point she noticed that nothing is stronger at evoking memories than familiar smells and the taste of certain things. They work just like a time-maschine, and bring us into distance realms of imagination within seconds. Janique quickly realized that this liquid form of poetry and art has no barriers, and no ends to creative liberties and exploration, and so she soon fell in love with the craft. The final piece of art is one that we can bottle into multiple glasses, and as such, it is an artform that allows each individual to have an original copy for oneself. In the small town of Bern, Janique lives her dream by the shore of the river Aare. Here, she experiments with the tastes of herbs, fruits, and flowers that grow in her little city garden greenhouse. It is a place filled with sunshine, which is much needed for both the beautiful botanical growth, as well as the growth of inspiration and creativity. As with good wine, the location on the southern slope contributes to the maturation of the final product. Her art is to convey memories and thoughts in the form of drinkable stories.

Edition N°1, and edition N°2, with a total of six drinkable stories, look forward to being discovered.

Edition N°1

mandel & gretchen

Spicy and Feisty, like ginger and spice. Childhood is an enchanted forest and upon every turn there is a new adventure. But in some stories, the sweet little girl saves herself. Even more than that, she is the ultimate Hero of the story, and recovers her own life, as well as that of her almond brother, out of the magical gingerbread house. Liquid or not, my story includes women who are strong. Resourceful, wicked, and clever, but indefinitely; the Hero at last.


Peterli Pan

A composition that explores the ideas of eternal life. And even more so, eternal youth. Embellished with herbs that carry a rich history in longevity, the creation grows its roots in the conceptualization of holding on to childhood days.


Dinkel Bell

In retrospective, it is the daily decisions upon which we embark, that lead us upon the paths of our future lives. The cheeky childhood adventures, full of playfullness and spices, give us the liveliness to hope. And just as the Tinker and Spelt Bell Effect explains, it is the power of your wishing, and the force of your dreams, that manifest your hopes into a reality.


Edition N°2


What happens when the lovestory doesn’t turn out like you thought it would … when you have revealed your name, and all secrets are known? When you just want to stamp your feet and promise never to love again. When life breaks hearts, it is a wonderful tragedy. Like a rose, tender and sweet, or like a cheering crowd raising its glass during the spectacle on stage … like a sparkling drink or a prickly rose stem.


Mate Hari

In our youth we dance through life. We hang from chandeliers decorated with juniper berries and laugh at those who ask us to behave eloquently and nobly. On summer nights we make the odd bad decision and sneak off on tiptoes like little spies. But our stories are magical and undefined. They remain what you remember, nostalgia and recollection, nobody but ourselves will ever know the truth.



When you embark on great adventures, the sheer size of our world becomes clear. If there are endless roads to get lost on, we may feel small. But when you are small, flowers are even bigger and their harmonious scents are indescribably beautiful.


Healthy Water Worlds

We all know how important water is for the human body. And everyone already knows that we need healthy air to breathe. But that these two things are inseparably connected is not always apparent at first glance.
With our locally and sustainably produced beverages, we want to make the greatest possible contribution to our physical and global health.
To support our physical health we only use organic products and refrain completely from refined sugar. As a result, the drinks are low in calories and have a low glycemic value. For our global health, we make sure that during the production process we pay attention to short production routes, trying to keep everything as local as possible, use reusable glass bottles and compensate the unavoidable part of our CO2 emissions by supporting the non-profit organization TAF in saving the oceans, and especially the whales. Why whales in particular, some will ask – whales are the largest contributors to CO2 sequestration, since only they are large enough to stir up the ocean floor by constantly surfacing so that plant plankton can get close enough to the surface to bind CO2, and take it out of the air. More whales therefore means more clean air and healthier living conditions for us all.

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